Be part of Pais in your teens!

Why the Youth Academy?
We believe young people can be leaders in the community!

What is the Youth Academy?
The Pais Youth Academy is an initiative whereby young people age 13-18 are provided with a three stage approach to leadership development:

Stage 1 – Participation
Participate in discipleship sessions with a role model.
Participate in mission projects in the community.
Participate in interactive Bible Studies.

Stage 2 – Co-leadership
Co-lead discipleship sessions alongside a role model.
Co-lead mission projects in the community.
Co-lead interactive Bible Studies.

Stage 3 – Launch
Launch and lead discipleship sessions.
Launch and lead mission projects in the community.
Launch and lead interactive Bible Studies.

The Process
Step 1: Applicants apply below
Step 2: Parental permission is given
Step 3: A role model is assigned to successful applicants
Step 4: Youth Academy members receive a welcome pack

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