Pioneering Team Reaches Students in Danish Boarding School

As part of the Pais Movement’s expansion, one of our pioneering Nations in 2021 has been Pais Denmark. Receiving its first team in January of this year, our Pais Apprentices are directly impacting the lives of the youth in Denmark through intentional relationships.

The team of missionaries have been placed in an ‘Efterskole’, the Danish version of a boarding school. This particular school is based on Christian values and has a strong focus on sports.

As the Pais Apprentices live in the school’s campus, they are in close contact with the students and are building intentional relationships on a daily basis. Our missionaries participate in different activities such as sports, competitions, baking lessons, student hangouts, bonfire nights, and other social events.

The pioneering team has the opportunity to invest in lives through discipleship and mentoring. Instead of simply talking about the Gospel, they are showing those students how to live out the Gospel!

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