the opportunity

Imagine what neighborhoods and schools might look like if we raise up our teenagers to become more Kingdom Centric with a passion for evangelism, discipleship, and the scriptures. The academy program empowers young people through the opportunity to learn how to use their voice and influence to advance the Kingdom of God the way Jesus did it.

We provide

• Graphics
• Access to further training resources
• Access to Pais conferences
• Access to further ministry tools
• Access to Pais Academy Events

We require

• Attendance to initial provider training
• Attendance of bi-annual provider workshops
• Feedback on progress
• The use of academy resource suite


• Evangelism: Show and share your faith through our missional project Because You’re Loved.
• Discipleship: Coach young people by taking them on practical experiences and Biblical principles.
• Study: Coach young people to connect and engage with God though our Haverim Bible study.

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