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  • Every photo should be in Black and White.
  • If you have people in your photo and you have access to Photoshop, draw the lines around them. Use the lines to highlight facial expressions, clothing, etc. You can watch a tutorial here. The colors for the lines should be Pais Youth Academy Blue and Pais Youth Academy Pink.
  • Use photos that conveys your message, use what you already have or get some from Unsplash.com. Do you best to use high-resolution pictures. We also have some in our photos and videos section.
  • Use the Youth Academy Logo.
  • Use the Youth Academy fonts.
  • If you have text in your graphic, make sure it is White, Pais Youth Academy Blue or Pais Youth Academy Pink.
  • Find graphics that are already made here.


  • If it's a promotional video, the footage must be in Black and White. If it's an interview or an event highlights video, it is ok for it not to be in black and white, but always use the right fonts and colors for text.
  • If your editing app allows you and you are making a promotional video, use a blue and pink overlay, like in the official Pais Youth Academy Promotional Video.
  • Use footage that conveys your message, if you don't have a DSLR Camera, we recommend Pixabay or Pexels. Do you best to use high-resolution videos as well.
  • Use the Pais Youth Academy fonts and colors.

Color Palette

Pais Youth Academy Blue
  • HEX #3546dd  I   RGB 53, 70, 221   I   CMYK 83, 74, 0, 0
Pais Youth Academy Pink
  • HEX #ff4c86   I   RGB 255, 76, 134   I   CMYK 0, 84, 19, 0

Photos & Videos

More promo videos, also available in German and Portuguese


Because You're Loved






Apprentices Stories


Documentary Clips


Full Documentary


Apprentices & Schools







GOTHAM – a licensed font that was designed by the American designer Tobias Frere jones in 2000. You can download this font right here for free and can use it in your designs. It’s free to use on catalogs and graphics used to advertise the Youth Academy. However, if you plan to make any profit on any of your graphics, such as graphics you offer as part of a package to an affiliate, you need to use an alternative font, such as Montserrat.

MONTSERRAT – a free Google font that you can use for anything, it can substitute GOTHAM. For instance, if you are working with Google Slides, you can find Montserrat over there.

BLACKOUT SUNRISE – This font is licensed under the OFL — the Open Font License, which means it’s open-source. This means you’re allowed to download, install and use it for personal and/or commercial work.


Presentation Template

Use this template if you are going to present the Youth Academy to a church, school or another institution.

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