How Waiting Triggers The Unexpected

I’m Becca and this is now my fourth year on Pais. It’s been quite a journey but when I first became a Christian I asked God for an adventure and that’s exactly what he’s taken me on.

When I joined Pais I was a naive 19-year-old who wanted to put Jesus first. Little did I know that God would take me on a journey of discovering my gifts, my talents and myself. I honestly don’t believe I would have got as much help and support in any other organisation. Besides, financially it was impossible for me.

I had spent two years on Pais Walsall, GB and one year with Pais USA. At the end of my USA apprenticeship, I was offered a position on the Pais USA Directorship team and was really excited about returning to the States. You can imagine my disappointment when I was denied access and was told I needed to reapply for a different visa. I was heart broken. I was convinced I had to return. My heart’s desire was to help others reach young people in the US for the Kingdom of God. It didn’t make sense that now I had to wait.

Not knowing what to do, but with a passion for serving wherever I was, Pais England gave me the opportunity to work at their Foundational Training conference. I assisted the Training Department and did what I could to help anyone who needed it.

At the end of Foundational Training, a team leader position became available in Walsall, which happened to be the area where I had been previously based. I was already familiar with the community, the schools and the churches. I offered to stand in for a couple of weeks while I heard about my visa. My experience there was so beneficial, but my heart was always in the States. Every day I prayed for a positive response regarding my visa. After two weeks, I received the disappointing news that my visa would take much longer to be processed. I was so upset but decided to dedicate my time to set my team up to win. My ceiling would become their floor and I believed they would go on to do bigger and greater things in Jesus.

As I now sit in the Pais USA office I look back and see God’s purpose in the delay. I can say that I’m so proud of Owen, Lyndsey, Sarah and Phil; my Walsall team, who are now going on to achieve far more than I ever imagined.

In the waiting season of my life when I thought that hope was lost, I can now look back and see all that God did for me. He blessed me with an amazing host family, He healed my depression and food intolerances, He gave me extra time with my own family and He allowed me to gain experience in areas that will now benefit so many others. God also took care of all the finer details from my visa costs to even blessing me with an amazing boyfriend!

Maybe you are also in a season of waiting right now. We aim to go from A to Z but often God’s plan has a B, C, D and E stop before we can get there. Be encouraged. I can now say with confidence that God truly does work all things together for our good and every season of our lives has a very special purpose.

Rebecca Hallam
Assistant Training Director
Pais USA