Our Templates

Our catalytic templates for evangelism, discipleship, and Bible study
are based methods modeled by Jesus!


Masterclass Suite

Masterclass suite offers a series of fun, interactive training events that will teach you how to impact those around you with innovative and easy-to-use templates!



Dive deeper into Kingdom-centric principles and methods
with these amazing resources!



We have created an online discipleship assistant for you! You can access Pais Content to use for Discipleship, Evangelism, Bible Study and much more.


SWAP Conference

SWAP is an idea-driven conference that takes place all over the world What makes SWAP so unique is the structure of the sessions. Each session is first driven by a 20 minute idea based around someone’s story, followed by 40 minutes of collaboration using creative workshops.

SWAP is ideal for those wanting to pursue our new concepts and tools in mission, discipleship and study. It provides ongoing inspiration and fresh tools to implement. Plus you get to spend time with other people who share the same vision to advance the Kingdom of God the way Jesus modeled it.

Find a SWAP conference – contact us about a conference near you.

Foundational Training

What makes FT so special is that you will walk away with proven methods and templates for Mission, Discipleship and Study. Over two weeks it gives anyone an opportunity to attend for the entire duration or just the days of your choosing.

FT is a great chance to unpack Kingdom principles for missional living, Jesus’ approach to discipleship, sharing faith and understanding Scripture.

FT exists to give people a foundational understanding of life on mission. As a bootcamp for Pais staff and apprentices it is an ideal first step for those wanting to learn our new tools and concepts. Plus it will give an insight to attendees in how to create culture and inject DNA into others.

Find a Foundational Training Conference – contact us about a conference near you!