300 points

Create a Vlog

Create a vlog of the scavenger hunt. Edit it. Upload link here.
Submitting a vlog = 100 points.
Winning best vlog = 300 points.

- no music
- must be one file
- must include footage of at least four full tasks (reading it out, planning, completing)
- must include every team member (min. once).
- must be sent and edited before you return back.

Upload Vlog
250 points

Parable of the Pen

Trade a pen with a more valuable item. (You can continue to trade items).
E.g. Pen for a dollar, a dollar for a cake, a cake for a toaster, etc.

- you can trade with money
- you cannot trade with each other, you can only trade with strangers

200 points



Regular Tasks (20-150 points):

18 chances to earn 20pts. 11 chances to earn 50pts. 4 chances to earn 80pts. 1 chance to earn 150pts.

  • Find a yellow car
  • Complete a human pyramid of 3 people, 1 person must be a random stranger.
  • Be invited to come aboard a boat.
  • Find a MrBeast chocolate bar
  • Take a picture your scavenger team at Hayden’s Pies
  • Find a Bunnings employee
  • Salute at an RSL
  • Find out the name of the Ulladulla mayor and dm JD the answer.
  • Find out the name of the young man from Ulladulla who went on 'Australian Idol'.
  • Find a pelican
  • Lean against the Ulladulla lighthouse
  • Make a sand snowman (must be minimum 1 metre tall).
  • Climb up a tree, at least 10 feet.
  • Get JD a gift, then call him and tell him what it is.
  • Drop an item from at least 10 feet, and have someone catch it.
  • Send a haiku in the group chat (best one gets bonus points).
  • Find the Ulladulla Police Station
  • Help an elderly person cross the road
  • Catch a live fish (points per fish)
  • Find a rogue shopping cart.
  • Find a car for sale (cannot be in a dealer)
  • Find an Australian flag, an Aboriginal and/or a Torres Strait Island flag. Bonus points if you find them next to each other.
  • Find a fuel pump that is out of order
  • Upload an Insta Story of your team posing in Ulladulla. [use song: Save You Too - Y Shadey]. Bonus points for coolest/most creative picture. Bonus points per person who shares the image to their story (reshares count) (one share per person).
  • Find 5 cafes
  • Dab in front of a NAB (National Australian Bank)
  • Find 3 pizza restaurants
  • Take a selfie at Groundswell Church
  • Find both metal Ulladulla signs
  • Find Ulladulla Skate Park
  • Find Ulladulla High School.
  • Snap a picture of a gala, a black cockatoo or a kookaburra.
  • Visit 2 beaches

The Shop

To order at the shop, an individual must message JD and say “I would like to confirm [item]”.


Spend 200 points of your teams money and head to Arcadia Twin Cinema where JD will purchase you one single movie ticket until the scavenger hunt is over.


200 points to unlock Google Maps/Maps/Waze only (no google searches).

CAR (50% OFF)

300 points and you can unlock a car for the remainder of the scavenger hunt.


Spend 100 points of your teams points and JD will purchase you a whole packet of regular tim tams