André Springhut is the Founder and National Director of Pais Germany.

His heart’s desire is to get people to discover and grow their gifts and to support them in a way which helps them to become the person that God sees in them. This includes personal training as well as creating structures for people to use their gifts. Therefore, for over 20 years now, he has been actively working with children, adolescents and young adults and in doing this he has become the leader of more than 550 members of staff. He has influenced tens of thousands of children and adolescents around the world.

“Working together to achieve results” is his life-blood. Not only does André Springhut bring people together on a team to work for the interests of the Kingdom of God but he initiates the collaboration of churches of different denominations in a city, time and time again.

Andre is married and has two sons. He loves inline skating the 25 kilometres through Schleswig-Holstein and eagerly awaits (almost) every superhero movie that comes to the cinema. In his youth he trained as a competitive swimmer four times a week and he swam at the German Championships. Apart from this he is fascinated by the Word of God and can keep himself occupied for months with single letters, verses and paragraphs until he discovers the point of what has caught his attention. André first worked as a bookseller. He is a business administrator and studied at the “Akademie für christliche Führungskräfte” (Academy of Christian leaders). Currently he is trained as a coach at ICL.

André is using the Triangle-Shape as his catalyst. A Triangle brings design, progress and creativity to a team.

Find out your Life-Shape.

What others say

I see André Springhut as a thinker with a sharp intellect. He is a man who sees the big picture. He is able to pass on his knowledge in a understandable way, so it can be applied practically in this world. He likes to get to the bottom of things and asks questions which no one else likes to ask.
Through his pleasant, relaxed yet still profound nature he knows how to connect to people, how to fill them with enthusiasm and how to lead them. He is a man who loves to develop people and he has been achieving this for years. On several occasions I have had the chance to attend training sessions with his teams and I have always been amazed at how much the people who he leads trust him.
Personally I regard every encounter with André Springhut as a time of great enrichment.
Dirk Schröder, Men Coach
The topics André Springhut addresses seem to be well known. However, the way in which he connects things is constantly new to me. His lectures or seminars encourage me to think ahead. It is more important to André Springhut to discover the solution to a problem together rather than just giving the answer.
Melanie Möllenbruck


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