Bryony is married to Pete and they live in rural Lancashire in the north west of England with their two daughters Isabella and Jasmine. In addition to their role as National Directors, Bryony and Pete serve on the Senior Leadership Team of Life Church Lancashire which is the home of Pais in England. Originally from the sunny south coast of England, it was a passion for God and His mission that attracted Bryony to Pais. Having joined in 2005 to serve in the administrative department, Bryony has served on the Pais England directorship for over a decade. Bryony is a gifted communicator with a passion for people and an eye for detail.

Bryony is a big fan of food, films, and friends in any combination. She enjoys playing netball, traveling, drinking fruit smoothies, writing lists and sunshine!

Bryony’s passion is for people to experience the depths of God’s unconditional love and for that experience to compel them to show and share that love with the world around them. She and Pete are committed to creating a wave after wave movement of missionaries that erodes the kingdom of darkness.

Bryony is using the Square-Shape as her catalyst. A Square brings consistency, strength, and forthrightness to a team.

Find out your Life-Shape.

What others say

Bryony is a really wise and passionate communicator. Every time I have ministered with Bryony I have been blown away by her insight and the clear anointing on her life. If you get the privilege of working alongside Bryony on any level then don’t miss the opportunity because your life will be better for it.
Mark Ritchie, National Evangelist
Bryony is an intelligent and engaging communicator. She speaks with a clarity that comes from her wholesome character and deep relationship with God.
As her Pastor, it is a joy to see her growing reputation and developing leadership skills.
Jeff Brunton, Senior Pastor, Life Church Lancashire
I have worked alongside Pete and Bryony Baker for the past three years; they are servant leaders! They have developed a national organization in the UK that any of us would be proud to put our name to and more importantly they have mentored, equipped and released hundreds of disciples into the mission field.
Kevin Pimblott, Leader of the Saints Church, St Louis, Missouri


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