Clement is the National Director for Pais in India. Born and raised in a pastor’s family in Thiruninravur on the outskirts of Chennai, Clement began serving in church as a child. As he grew, so did his passion to serve God.

Before coming into full-time ministry, Clement earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Madras University and then his Master’s Degree in Divinity at Lakeview Bible College and Seminary. During Bible College, he had a calling and vision to reach youth. After completing his theological studies, Clement served in his home church under his dad for two years. Then the Lord opened doors for Clement to go to the UK and get trained to minister among youth and teens.

Clement joined Pais in GB where he trained during his first year and led a team in his second year in Burnley, a small town in Lancashire, UK. He returned to India in July 2013 and started Pais India with his colleagues, reaching schools and campuses surrounding Chennai.

Clement is using the Circle-Shape as his catalyst. A Circle brings unity, cooperation and charisma to a team.

Find out your Life-Shape.

What others say

After training 2 years in Pais UK, Clement Joel Prince proved to be a leader, a visionary, a man with passion and the ability to communicate the gospel in a simple way that reaches the hearts of the young and the old. From the time he has landed in India, he immediately started working and now he is moving mightily in and around Chennai and also outside the city from schools and churches to young people and also in different slums and different areas much in need of the gospel.
Rev. Charles Finny Joseph, President of Maranatha Ministries India


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