Junior Faisbanchs, born in Recife, Brazil, is the National Director of Pais Brasil. The Brasilian chapter of the Pais Movement is in its fourth year and is a testament to the faith of those who have pioneered it. Junior is married to his German wife Mirjam.

One of Junior’s favorite personal testimonies is about the power of God working in, through, and despite us when we say “yes” to His will in our lives. As a child, Junior had difficulty learning to speak. At four years old, Junior only spoke three words, and two of them he could not properly pronounce. After giving his life to Christ, he has seen how God has used his ability to speak as a blessing to others. In order to accomplish the work God has given to him, Junior has had to rely greatly on communication skills that were lacking in his development as a child. Today, he regularly preaches and has public speaking engagements. He sees this as a constant reminder that the work he does is not accomplished in his own strength, but in the strength of the Lord.

Junior has dedicated his last six years to work specifically with the Pais Movement because it offers a unique opportunity for people to develop and impact the lives of others. As it is based on forming relationships, the Pais Movement’s methods focus on growth. Junior believes in not only the work, but the people he works with. His goal is not simply to do a job, but to make history and to give people he meets the tools to make their lives better. The most rewarding part of his work is that he knows he is a part of a global movement that is positively impacting children, families, and the world.

Junior is using the Square-Shape as his catalyst. A Square brings consistency, strength and forthrightness to a team.

Find out your Life-Shape.

What others say

Junior Faisbanchs is a dedicated leader with a heart for this generation and this city. He has influenced and inspired the youth to change the world through strong values.
René Alves, Director of Department of Human Rights - Natal
I have known Junior Faisbanchs for many years. He is incredibly dedicated to spreading the Gospel. I am absolutely certain that he loves what he does. What he is doing is exactly what he was passionate about: Leading young people to know God.
Miguel Uchoa, Anglican Bishop
I met Junior Faisbanchs in a Seminar about Community Development in 2014. I know that as a servant leader, he is interested in continuous learning processes…I learned to respect Brazil Pais team as a very committed and qualified team… [They are] one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with. I admire Pais’ Biblical foundations totally congruent with Kingdom principles. Working with kids, education, and community development is a tremendous contribution to holistic wellbeing of communities in Brazil. Learning as they do, reflecting on God´s word, and doing concrete ministry with young people and with passion makes Pais a respected and impactful Christian Ministry.
Arturo Menesses, Latin America Director of Eastern University


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