Leearron is a creative individual who loves to approach everything with creativity finding new ways of doing things but wanting the most strategic way to make the biggest impact. Loving worship she sees worship as a way of life aiming for every day to be lived in an overflow of love for Jesus. Although she has been a worship leader she now hopes that her worship leading will be leading people in a life of worship, a life lived completely for Jesus. She is passionate about leading seeing it as a way to lay her life down to see others reach their full potential fulfilling all that God has called them to be and loves to help people discover and grow in their gifts, especially ones they don’t yet know they have.she delights in the success and growth of others and loves to give opportunity to see that happen.

Leearron has taught dance in different context and found it to be a key tool in connecting with people and crossing cultural barriers and believes dance can help people to express themselves and can be used in many ways for ministry. She loves to communicate what she sees of the heart of God. Worship, prayer and the prophetic are her three favorite things and she sees them as core to her faith as it’s all about being connected with God and revealing his heart to the nations. She believes that Everything begins in the place of prayer as we see the heart of God and partner with him to release it on earth.

Leearron has always had a heart for Africa since she was about 3 years old and has prayed big prayers for the nations for many years and is now excited at the chance to get to be part of the answer to those prayers, believing that Pais will greatly equip the church to advance God’s kingdom in many areas of society and culture. Desiring to see the difference spheres of the community reached, the education system, workplaces, and even political systems.

Leearron is using the Circle-Shape as her catalyst. A Circle brings unity, cooperation, and charisma to a team.

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