Richard is a strong, proven leader who has a real passion for growth and development, both of himself as well as those around him. He has experience in leadership in various settings, on a national as well as international level. Prior to joining Pais, Richard had exposure to the motor industry, training and education sectors, and also community development which is one of his passions. He has also spent years coaching sports (rugby, athletics, and cricket) on a part-time basis, and has enjoyed seeing it impacts the lives of young people as they learn teamwork and respect for others, while growing in confidence and ability on the field, which in turn positively influences their overall attitudes and potential.

Everything Richard does benefits from his forward-thinking and growth mindset, as he seeks to add value to the structures, people, and networks around him.  Richard is perceptive and always pays particular attention to those who often go unnoticed, tend to be written off or viewed as underdogs, taking time to include them in activities and recommending opportunities which see them changing and thriving. Just as he challenges himself to keep on learning, stretching, achieving and advancing, he challenges the young people he comes across to get involved, use their talents and participate, as opposed to waiting, watching and reacting negatively on the sidelines. He enjoys studying scripture and following up by teaching or sharing insights. Richard also has a heart for more Godliness, unity, justice, equality and to see good governance in a world that seems dominated by selfishness, divisions, materialism, and desperation.

Richard’s hobbies include traveling to new, interesting places, outdoor adventures and the simple pleasure of spending time in the good company of friends and family – preferably with eating involved.

Richard is using the Triangle-Shape as his catalyst. A Triangle brings design, progress, and creativity to a team.

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