You can choose from different options and if you serve for multiple years, you can choose to serve in multiple nations.

1-year apprenticeship.

Develop skills in Mentoring. Bible Study. Outreach.
Certificate in applied ministry.
Year 1 – Free Apprenticeship.
Includes Training, accommodation, and meals.


2-year apprenticeship.

Develop skills in Management. Communication. Networking.
Certificate in applied leadership.
Year 1 – Free.
Year 2 – Free plus financial Stipend.

3-year apprenticeship + 

Develop skills in your chosen specialist skills.
Employment with Pais, our partners, or via our networks.
Year 1 – Free.
Year 2 – Free plus financial Stipend.
Year 3 – Financial Salary during or by the end year.



  • All offers are subject to successful ongoing appraisals.
  • Year 3 is offered in most Pais nations but not all. We advise you to check when applying.
  • Stipends are offered in most Pais nations but not all. We advise you to check when applying. 



You can serve in your home nation or a nation overseas.



You will receive the following.

A mentor.

Supportive teammates.

Placement in an encouraging church.

Training in everything you do before you do it.

200 hours of lectures.

1800 hours of on-the-job training.

Accommodation and meals.


You will receive world-class training.

200 hours of lectures, workshops, and interactive presentations.

2000 of on-the-job experience.

3 Conferences.

Monthly mentoring

Monthly prayer and fasting events.

Training in leadership, discipleship, evangelism, and Bible Study.


We are not looking for any academic qualifications the following characteristics are required.

You will be a constant learner.

You will be committed to using the Pais methods.

You will be committed to serving Pais and the community you’re part of. 

You will attend church services as well as Pais events. 

You will be a role model, portraying the principles that we teach.

You will honor your leaders, teammates, and host families.

You must be 18 years or older.

You must be a committed member of a church. 

You must speak the language of the nation you wish to serve in.


The Pais Apprenticeship is free; however, other costs must be considered.

Visa costs (if serving overseas).

Personal spending money.


Medical Expenses (if needed).

Cell Phone plan/minutes.


As part of our “Applicant Pathway” we will give you advice, encouragement, materials, and targets to encourage you to raise funds once you have been accepted and before you join Pais. We have a special relationship with AirPathway Travel Agents, which may offer cheaper flights for our members.