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North America Directors

Pais is seeking a couple to lead the Pais Apprenticeship program in the USA and Canada. The successful applicant will join an experienced team that will offer support as the Directors spearhead the growth of the apprenticeship program. Key skills required are vision-casting, networking, recruiting and the ability to organize teams.

The role provides a full-time salary and is based in Arlington, Texas.

North America National Directors Inquiry

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Recruitment Lead for England

See the role description here.

ongoing positions

Various nations have openings for these standard staff opportunities

National Director

We have opportunities in specific nations and are also open to planting Pais in new countries. Many of our National Directors have come through our ranks, but we also have others who joined from outside the organization. Some choose to plant Pais in their home nation, others choose to lead it overseas.

Summary of Role: To lead and grow the Pais movement in a nation. Pais provides the infrastructure, training and a gigantic amount of support, logistics and systems. The ideal National Director must be pro-active and able to lead young leaders.
Salary: National Directors do earn a salary from Pais. This is connected with the size of Pais in the nation that they are working. A ‘mature’ Pais nation should be able to provide a National Director with a healthy full-time salary and benefits. If a National Director is planting Pais in a nation, then for a period of time they may need external financial support. However, through the 2013 launch of our Cause Marketing program, even during this pioneering period, a National Director can receive funds.

Communication Director

A Specialist Communication Director will help us share our story nationally or globally and attract apprentices to the movement. They will do this by working in the areas of marketing, promotion and the personal assistance of leaders. They will be familiar with media interaction, press releases, communication systems and a range of Social Media tools.

Media Director

A Specialist Media Director will provide training videos, graphics packages and promotional materials to our Missionaries and the lives they touch throughout the world.
They will do this by using Web and Graphic Design. They will need to be proficient in film and video editing. They will also need to be familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator & Final Cut Pro, etc.

Finance Director

A Specialist Finance Director will help us raise financial resources for the movement and train our missionaries around the world.
They will do this by running accounting, fund-raising and grant writing. They will be familiar with budget management, QuickBooks and various cause marketing tools.

Training Director

A Specialist Training Director will help us equip and release missionaries around the world.
They will do this by organizing conferences, implementing organization-wide systems and presenting the training of Pais in a variety of creative ways. They will be familiar with Dropbox, multi-media tools and educational syllabi.

Personnel Director

A Specialist Personnel Director will help us increase the number of Pais Apprentices throughout the world & organize our staff for greater impact!
They will do this by running the Human Resources department, event planning and hospitality. They will be familiar with Google docs, AppSys and being detail orientationed, etc.


Are you an itinerant speaker with a platform or network that reaches young adults? As you travel, you can sign up to advocate for our program and receive financial support from Pais for doing so.

Available in certain nations.