A Creative Boom From Missionaries In Canada

A Creative Boom From Missionaries In Canada

For the past year, lockdowns in Canada have restricted daily activities. Many were isolated from social interactions for extended periods of time. Churches were also unable to meet, limiting ministry initiatives in the nation.

Through those lockdowns, a team of five missionaries was called to minister to young people in Calgary, Alberta. While Canada’s restrictions were definitely a challenge, they also opened up space for unlimited creativity and relationship development. 

The Pais Canada team believes this past year also highlighted the importance of personal connection and small groups. The only way they could connect with students was through walks and small gatherings around a bonfire in the middle of the Canadian winter.

“In a world without restrictions, we most likely wouldn’t have had the same focus, intentionality and creativity. We saw students taking ownership, stepping up in their leadership and taking steps in their relationship with Jesus” said Letitia Olivier, Team Leader in Canada. 

One of the team’s creative ministry ideas were Prayer Packs. Prayer Packs have different interactive activities that are designed to help students and families engage in and build a life of prayer. They were able to deliver the packs to 67 students.

One of their Grade 6 students wrote “The Prayer packs were amazing, they were filled with all kinds of goodies and activities (…). My family and I enjoyed them, we took notes from the [encouragement] jar every night at dinner. It has brought us closer together as a family.” 

Through those challenges, the five missionaries were inspired by a deep conviction that God opened the doors for them to be there, which meant he also had a plan. As the year comes to an end, their success in leading students to Jesus and equipping them to reach their peers is evident.  

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A Ministry Flourishing In An Unexpected Nation

A Ministry Flourishing In An Unexpected Nation

Celebrating 10 Years Of Pais Pakistan

Every day, Christians living in Pakistan face extreme religious persecution. New converts are oppressed by family members, communities, Islamic extremist groups and the government. Yet, even the violent persecution has not been able to stop the power of the Gospel.

On June 17 of 2011, Pais pioneered a new ministry in Pakistan. Throughout the past years, this Pais Nation has seen unexpected growth. The Pakistan National Director reflects on this journey during their 10-year anniversary:

“It has been so encouraging to see Pais Pakistan grow over the years. Through all the ups and downs, God has been faithful. Our outreach continues to get stronger, and our teams are more dedicated to the mission. We thank God for helping us make Pakistan a place of prayer, a place of healing, and above all, a place of God. We are history makers in this region.”

Pais Pakistan serves people living in poverty and disaster affected areas, provides education sponsorship for underprivileged children, and creates economic opportunities for low income communities. This Nation also empowers leaders to transform their communities through varied training initiatives.

What started out as a pioneering movement in Asia is now an influential ministerial organization. Their teams are touching hearts in more than 100 villages and major cities of Pakistan. Many churches, schools, and even non-believers are now established partners. Pais Pakistan also received several awards and gold medals due to their contribution to local communities.

For the next 10 years, the country’s National Director desires to see many more young people developing a relationship with Christ. Their goal is to give the youth opportunities to also share the love of Christ and their personal experiences with others.

A Missionary's New-Found Confidence To Impact Lives

A Missionary's New-Found Confidence To Impact Lives

Renata is one of our Pais Missionaries from Brazil who has been serving since September of 2020. She knew God had called her into ministry, yet she didn’t feel equipped with the knowledge or practical experience necessary to pursue her calling. After experiencing on-the-job training with Pais, Renata now shares about her new-found confidence to impact lives:

“I always wanted to work for the Kingdom, but I didn’t know how to start. In 2019, God ministered in my heart that I should pursue missionary training because He would open doors for me to care for people. At the time I didn’t have the financial conditions to pay for a training program.

But I soon learned about Pais, an organization of missionaries making missionaries, and their Free Mission Year. I participated in the selection process and started my Mission Year in September of 2020. Today, with the practical experience that Pais has provided me, I feel more equipped to follow my calling.

I learned how to disciple, how to mobilize Evangelistic events, and how to lead and teach Bible studies. I am so grateful to God for the opportunity to be a part of Pais, and to learn from and work with so many wise people. Wherever I go, I’ll take the tools I have learned here with me!”

As part of the Pais Mission Year, all our Missionary Apprentices receive 200 hours of lectures and over 1800 hours of on-the-job training. We offer free training because we believe it to be the most efficient way to advance the Kingdom of God. Find out more about the Pais Mission Year Options here.

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From a Pais Student to a Pais National Director, Grace Asare Was Inducted Into Office In Ghana

From a Pais Student to a Pais National Director, Grace Asare Was Inducted Into Office In Ghana

When Grace Asare was in basic school at the age of 11 years old, she met Pais missionaries who mentored her and poured into her life. She saw their ministry and genuine love for people, which influenced her life decisions as she was growing up.

In 2017, she started a new chapter in her journey by joining Pais as a missionary herself and committing to spiritual growth. As she experienced and shared God’s love, Grace was offered the position as the Personnel and Communications Director in 2019. Through equipping missionaries, she showed others how they are also capable of advancing the Kingdom of God no matter where they are.

Now, two years later, Grace has been appointed as the new National Director for Pais Ghana. Her vision is for Pais Ghana to fully impact students with God’s Word in all the 16 regions of Ghana. She desires to see the lives of students being completely transformed, just like hers once was too.

Looking back to 2017, Grace says “joining Pais has been an inspiring and life changing moment”. From a Pais Student to now a Pais National Director, her induction into office happened this past May. Joined by the Harvest International Ministries, Pais Ghana’s Board Members, Missionaries, Pastors, and some family members, they laid hands and prayed over her leadership and the work ahead. A citation was also given in honor of Pais Ghana’s former National Director, Samuel Amasah’s, achievements and good work.

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Pais Germany Finds Creative Way To Inspire Everyday Missionaries

Pais Germany Finds Creative Way To Inspire Everyday Missionaries

How can I reach my friends for Jesus? How can I talk to them about Christianity? How can I share my personal experiences with God in an authentic and relevant way?

People who are moved by these questions are what we call “Everyday Missionaries”. They want to inspire others to experience God in their everyday life.

Inspired by the recent Zoom boom, Pais Germany found a creative way around this past year’s lockdowns and launched PAIS LIVE. During these Lives, they meet over Zoom once a month for one hour with the “Everyday Missionaries” who have a desire to share Jesus. Pais Germany’s aim is to create a space for people with this desire to connect and be equipped, inspired and encouraged to bring Jesus to their friends and family.

Germany’s current and future Pais apprentices, friends of Pais – both young and old – join these meetings. Everyone learns and shares about being a missionary in their everyday life.

Every session deals with a different topic and always includes interactive breakout sessions with discussions or more in depth conversation of the topic. They have also invited guest speakers who share about their experiences or practical application on topics concerning evangelism, mission and discipleship in everyday life.

Quite a number of people come regularly and say that these sessions inspire them to try out new things and that they feel encouraged to see many others with the same heart to serve their friends.

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Thru-Hikers in Uyo, Nigeria Raise Awareness For Schools Ministry

Thru-Hikers in Uyo, Nigeria Raise Awareness For Schools Ministry

17 hikers gathered in the city of Uyo, Nigeria on May 16, 2021 to pray for their local schools. As part of the Thru-Hike for Schools initiative, each participant had a specific request focused on schools ministry growth and student outreach.

The hikers divided into two groups and met up at a final destination. At the end, they gathered to pray all together, followed by a worship time and fellowship with snacks, raising awareness for the cause.

Some of their prayer requests were:

  • Pais Nations across the world
  • Government’s support for school ministry to flourish
  • Growth and expansion of Pais Nigeria’s schools ministry
  • Schools in Akwa Ibom (Uyo High School and Government Technical College)
  • Recruitment of missionaries from churches youth groups

Many other Nations around the world are joining the Thru-Hike For Schools initiative! Follow Pais Movement on social media for more updates @paismovement.

Supporting Our Schools In A Post-Pandemic World – Will There Be A Missed Opportunity?

Supporting Our Schools In A Post-Pandemic World – Will There Be A Missed Opportunity?

That’s The Question Paul Gibbs, Founder Of The Pais Movement, Is Asking During His 12 Day Hike Across England.

25 years ago Paul Gibbs walked across England praying for schools in the UK. What happened next went beyond his wildest dreams. Today, Pais Movement, the organization he founded, has trained and placed multiple-thousands of life-mentors in schools on six continents. Now he is doing it again in a post-pandemic setting and praying for schools worldwide.

In 1992 Paul Gibbs had started a small school outreach ministry to reach his home city of Manchester. After receiving encouragement from a Christian leader that “God will give you everywhere you tread”, he decided to walk from Coast to Coast, praying that God would open the schools of the nation.

Soon after he founded the Pais Movement, a discipleship-led organization that operates today in over 15 nations. With our Global Headquarters in Arlington, Texas, we place volunteers who disciple students in local schools and churches. Thanks to those mentors, multiple-thousands of teenagers have already been positively impacted around the world!

And yet Paul thinks it’s too little and almost too late. There is still an urgent need in our society to invest in transforming schools and reaching students for Christ. In the context of a post-pandemic world especially, teenagers and children have been greatly impacted by isolation and recent uncertainties.

“Another generation is being lost whilst we are yet to understand the incredible opportunity of serving their local schools. Teachers are crying out for help but are we, God’s people, too focused on our own programs and projects to hear their call?” says Gibbs.

Which is why on May 17, Paul started the Thru-Hike for Schools. He is walking the Coast to Coast route again, and is scheduled to complete it in 12 days. While walking 182 miles, he is praying for God to open new doors for schools ministry. Partnering with global youth organizations¹, he hopes to raise awareness for this missed opportunity. Paul is also sharing his journey and updates on social media.

Many teams and supporters around the world are already joining in and organizing their own Thru-Hike for Schools. For more information on how to join this cause visit thruhikeforschools.com

¹Thru-Hike For Schools Partners:

Pray For Schools
Prayer Spaces in Schools
Youth Alive North Texas
SASW Trust
LINX Christian Youth Trust
Thy Kingdom Come
Moms in Prayer

Pioneering Team Reaches Students in Danish Boarding School

Pioneering Team Reaches Students in Danish Boarding School

As part of the Pais Movement’s expansion, one of our pioneering Nations in 2021 has been Pais Denmark. Receiving its first team in January of this year, our Pais Apprentices are directly impacting the lives of the youth in Denmark through intentional relationships.

The team of missionaries have been placed in an ‘Efterskole’, the Danish version of a boarding school. This particular school is based on Christian values and has a strong focus on sports.

As the Pais Apprentices live in the school’s campus, they are in close contact with the students and are building intentional relationships on a daily basis. Our missionaries participate in different activities such as sports, competitions, baking lessons, student hangouts, bonfire nights, and other social events.

The pioneering team has the opportunity to invest in lives through discipleship and mentoring. Instead of simply talking about the Gospel, they are showing those students how to live out the Gospel!

Are you ready to live out the Gospel in a missionary setting? Apply now for a Free Mission Year here.

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Pais Philippines student shares how Haverim Bible Study encouraged her through the pandemic

Pais Philippines student shares how Haverim Bible Study encouraged her through the pandemic.

Gianne is a Pais Youth Academy student from the Philippines. She joined a Haverim Bible Study before the pandemic and shares how studying God’s Word with a group of friends has completely shaped her faith experience during the Covid-19 lockdown:

“When I was younger, I had a belief that Sunday was the Lord’s day and it was the only day I should study God’s Word. I didn’t take individual Bible study seriously. But as I grew up and sought to mature spiritually, I started looking for ways to grow in my faith walk with the Lord. 

I immediately found it hard to study the Bible and apply it to my life without having a community to share it with. That’s when Kuya (Brother) Raphael and Ate (Sister) Rely introduced me to Haverim.

The first time I joined them was February 7, 2020. My Haverim experience allowed me to discover and unpack God’s word with a circle of dear friends in a way that I hadn’t done before. I consistently met up with this group and developed a passion for our fellowship and Bible study moments. 

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, we unfortunately weren’t able to keep meeting. During the lockdown, school got cancelled and many of my family members were not able to go to work. 

Through those difficult times, because of my previous Haverim experience, I was encouraged to keep pursuing a relationship with God. My family and I also came together in my household to study his Word. We felt united as one body of Christ while sharing meaningful conversations about God’s truth. This unity helped us to feel peaceful even in the midst of the situation we were in.

I realized that my Haverim group fostered a lot of changes in my life. It allowed me to accept growth and it encouraged me to live a life with a purpose. My relationship with God matured, and I feel more connected and able to listen to His guidance for me. God has been good to me through it!

Now that some Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, I have been able to join my weekly Haverim meetings again. It has been a very special time in my life, and I look forward to attending and discovering more about God every week. In my group, I have not only found friendships, but I have friendships rooted in a common relationship with God.”

Find out more about Haverim Devotions, the Pais Movement method of Bible study here!

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Pais Team in Ghana reaches out to 365 Students in one week!

Pais Team in Ghana reaches out to 365 Students in one week!

The Ring Road Pais Team in Ghana visited 3 schools in the last week of April, they reached out to 365 students with the word of God and also spread the Gospel to four people on the street of Kaneshie, a suburb in the Accra Metropolitan district, a district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Theophilus, the Team Leader, introduced Philomena, a new Team Member, to the assistant Pastor, Rev. King Foli and also sought an opportunity to announce the #thruhikeforschools in the second service to register people who are interested in joining. This Pais team is rocking it!

Find out more about the #thruhikeforschools by clicking here.

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