what we offer

We provide a full time team for your church to serve in youth ministry and local schools.


The Pais Movement offers a dynamic apprenticeship for young adults aged 18-25 who are passionate about serving God and deepening their relationship with Him. This full-time program provides comprehensive leadership, discipleship, and mission training, blending applied theology learning with practical ministry experience.

Pais provides a 3-5 member, full time team of local or international apprentices, for a minimum of one year. They serve in the church to bridge the gap between the church and the community. Apprentices engage in community outreach, youth work, church activities, schools, and community projects, gaining hands-on experience while making a tangible impact!

Apprentice expectations

We are committed with providing your church with a Pais team that meet the following expectations: A good role model to young people providing Christian values and an example of Kingdom living. A committed apprentice who will attend Sunday services, midweek meetings, and be fully involved in the vision of the church. A young adult who is being trained on a weekly basis and is growing in their skills and competence every month. An apprentice who will commit to the full year with the church. An apprentice with a track record of being committed to their local Christian church where they will have been an active member.

Church expectations

As a church partner you’ll be expected to meet the following expectations: Provide the maximum opportunities for the Pais team to minister in the way they have been trained to do so. Provide proactive pastoral support for the apprentices. Provide accommodation and meals for the apprentices with a host family who are church members. Pay the operating cost and partner with us in paying the developmental cost.


There are two costs to run a Pais team: The Operating Cost and the Developmental Cost. A church is responsible to pay the operating cost and is requested to pay the developmental cost. Due to the low economical cost of having a Pais team, many churches decide to cover both costs. As the costs vary from nation to nation, to find out the specific cost please ask the question directly by filling in the contact form.

The cost of a Pais team can be paid in installments. Churches are required to pay a minimum 25% deposit at the beginning of the year with ongoing monthly payments.

Hosts qualifications

It does not matter whether you are single, a family, old or young, you could be a host. However, you need to be willing to submit a Background check. We ask our hosts to go through the hosts pack with a Pais host liaison and to attend the host informational meeting, this is normally held at the church where the team will be serving. The meeting gives hosts an opportunity to ask more questions.

You can sign up for hosting temporarily for 1-3 weeks during conferences. If you would like to support an apprentice throughout their whole commitment, you would either host for 11 or 18 months. Most of the apprentices arrive in August and leave in June. However, there are apprentices that come in January and stay for 18 months.

Hosts expectations

As a host family, you are asked to provide the apprentice with a bed, some personal space,  a separate bedroom where they can have quiet/down time, and food for three meals a day. You do not need to cover costs like cell phone bills, hygiene products, health costs or free time activities as these should be covered by the apprentice.


There are generally two intakes to receive new apprentices: January and August. Watch our 3-step guide application process video, then fill in our short application form to find out if you’re eligible. If you are, we will notify you and help you through the full application process.