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This is the book that summarizes our DNA and encourages disciples to seek first His Kingdom.

featured books

Our books provide the ‘how’! And each of our templates has one to unpack it.

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Our catalytic templates provide you with tools to help you live life on mission!


We’ve noticed, Jesus concentrated most of his attention on getting himself invited into people’s worlds.

Our catalytic template for mission aims to empower people to do the same. Our ‘Because You’re Loved’ template encourages people to show their faith, share their faith, and bring people to faith in this way.



It would also appear that Jesus’ method of discipleship was to take people on an experience and educate them along the way.

Our catalytic template for discipleship aims to empower people to disciple anyone in anything through experience-based learning.



Similarly, it seems the method of study Jesus used to unpack the Scriptures encouraged people how to study not simply what to study.

Our catalytic template for Bible study teaches people how to study any subject with anyone at any time and gives them the confidence to use the Bible as a tool for mission