Parents, Great Britain


When Dan was 11 years old, a schools worker in our area gave him a prophetic word and although it seemed hard to grasp at the time, the seed for youth ministry was sown in his heart.

Dan was always an active member of his youth group and over the years had been given responsibilities, which he always carried out enthusiastically and well.


His plan was to go to Bible College after completing ‘A’ levels but God had other ideas and Pais caught his attention. We had come across Pais previously so we had an idea what the apprenticeship offered. We gave Dan our full support, whatever his decision might be, and he actively pursued an application to Pais and was accepted. He planned to stay for 1 year but God had other thoughts and he is now committed to Pais for the foreseeable future.

Before leaving home, Dan had been part of a lively, average sized church with an active youth group and his first year placement was in a small church which was a very different experience for him. We were a little concerned how he would adjust but our worries were unfounded as it was the perfect place for him to develop his skills. He learned from and receive Godly wisdom from great leaders in a very loving environment.


We are very impressed with the depth of teaching that he receives, and this is shaping him into a mature man of God. He is surrounded by great leaders within Pais and also in the local churches which he is and has been part of and he is constantly being given opportunities to grow. His leaders recognize the potential within him and give him responsibilities to enable him to develop and mature as well as learning new skills. We have had the opportunity to hear him preach on several occasions and are always encouraged as we see how much he has grown in this area and how God is using him.

He has had challenges to face, particularly regarding his accommodation, which has caused us some anxiety as parents but through which we have all learned to trust God more and have seen God’s faithfulness worked out practically.

We can’t praise Pais highly enough. Each year at commissioning and graduation services we are always encouraged as we witness another group of young people being sent out into their communities to impact them with the Gospel.