At Pais, we’re eager to welcome passionate volunteers to join us in various capacities, supporting our mission of advancing God’s Kingdom.
Your involvement can be both fun and strategically impactful, allowing you to connect with passionate young adults and support them, while also impacting a nation and touching countless lives.
Here are just some of the possibilities but perhaps you can offer something different?

Human Resources & Administration

Support our team by managing volunteer recruitment, maintaining records, and ensuring smooth operations. Your organizational skills and attention to detail will be vital in helping us function efficiently. Plus, you’ll be part of a dynamic team dedicated to making a difference.

Finance & Accounting

Help us manage our finances with integrity and transparency. Your expertise in budgeting, financial planning, and bookkeeping can ensure we use our resources wisely and effectively to further our mission. This role offers a unique opportunity to see the direct impact of your work on a global scale.

Social Media & Promotions

Use your creativity and marketing skills to spread the word about Pais. Help us engage with our community, share our stories, and promote our programs through various social media platforms and marketing campaigns. It’s a fun way to connect with people and inspire them with our vision.

Hosting Apprentices

Open your home to our apprentices, providing them with a welcoming environment as they serve and learn. Your hospitality can make a significant impact on their experience and growth during their time with us. You’ll form meaningful relationships and support the next generation of leaders.

Pastoral Support

Offer spiritual guidance and encouragement to our staff. Your pastoral care will nurture their well-being and strengthen their ability to serve effectively. This role is deeply fulfilling as you help others grow in their faith and ministry.

Advocates for the Vision

Become a champion for Pais by promoting our vision in your community and beyond. Your advocacy will help us reach more people and expand our impact. It’s a powerful way to use your influence to support a cause you believe in.
Explore these opportunities and more at If you share our vision and have the time to contribute, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn how you can get involved and make a difference. Together, we can equip the saints to live life on mission and create a positive impact in our communities and beyond.
Join us in this journey of service and transformation. Your involvement can help shape the future of our mission and touch countless lives. Reach out to us today and become part of the Pais movement!