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what is the youth academy?

The Pais Youth Academy is an initiative whereby we train teenagers in evangelism, discipleship and Bible study. Our goal is to develop 10,000 students as local missionaries through our discipleship process in the next 48 months.


Young people joining the academy usually experience the following benefits:

Reinforced commitment to their local church
Stronger self-leadership
Increased Communication Skills
Intentional Character Development
Positive Goal Setting
Growing confidence
Stronger Faith
Greater Altruism

The academy is free and provides a three stage process:

Stage 1 – Participation
Stage 2 – Co-leadership
Stage 3 – Leadership

The Process

Step 1: Applicants apply with their local team
Step 2: Parental permission is given
Step 3: A role model is assigned to successful applicants
Step 4: Youth Academy members receive a welcome pack

Stage 1 – Participation

Young people participate in discipleship sessions with a role model. Young people participate
in mission projects in their community. Young people participate in interactive Bible Studies.

Stage 2 – Co-leadership

Young people co-lead discipleship sessions alongside their role model. Young people co-lead
mission projects in their community. Young people co-lead interactive Bible Studies.

Stage 3 – Launch

Young people launch and lead discipleship sessions. Young people launch and lead mission
projects in their community. Young people launch and lead interactive Bible Studies.