What is the Youth Academy?

We believe young people can be leaders in communities!
The Pais Youth Academy offers youth the opportunity to learn and to be trained on how to use their voice to advance the kingdom of God the way Jesus modeled.


Our award winning Because You’re Loved project offers youth a fun and adventurous way to learn how to show and share God’s love everyday, and everywhere.


Through Talmidim, an ancient method of discipleship, we take youth on practical experiences that lead to the discovery of Biblical principles.


Haverim means “friends who study together.” We coach youth how to explore scripture in simple and practical ways that they can easily share with friends and family.

How it works

The Pais Youth Academy is free!

Interested Youth/Parents should follow our 4-step application process.

  1. Youth apply with their local Pais Team.
  2. Parental permission is given.
  3. A Pais mentor is assigned to successful applicants.
  4. Youth receive a Welcome Pack and begin participation.

Pais Movement is committed to mobilizing the local church. If a Pais Team is not currently serving the church you attend and you’re interested in the Pais Youth Academy fill out our contact form to recommend your church as a potential partner.

The Pais Youth Academy utilizes a 3-step process.

  1. Participation – Youth participate in discipleship sessions with a mentor, in missions projects within their community, and in interactive Bible studies.
  2. Co-Leadership – Youth co-lead discipleship sessions, co-lead local missions projects, and co-lead Bible studies alongside their mentor.
  3. Leadership – Youth launch and lead discipleship sessions, local missions projects, and Bible studies with support from their mentor.

Additional Resources & Outcomes

Additional Resources: All Youth Academy members will receive:

  • Access to digital workshops, videos, and worksheets.
  • Books and templates explaining our methods for evangelism, discipleship, and Bible study.
  • Free access to Pais conferences.
  • Pais-run Youth Academy rallies.
  • Exclusive Youth Academy merchandise.

Outcomes: Youth who join the academy usually experience the following:

  • Stronger faith and a more intimate relationship with God.
  • Reinforced commitment to their local church.
  • Stronger leadership and self-discipline.
  • Increased communication skills.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Positive goal-setting.
  • Intentional character development
  • Increased awareness and sensitivity to the needs of others.